Wandering Women

What is this page and why does it exist?

One of the main reasons I wanted to start this blog, other than to talk about my travels and share what I have learned, (which I could probably do forever, but who wants to hear about just me? I certainly don’t,) is to collect stories of other amazing women and their adventures.

As a young woman in this insane, sexist, violent, and quite frankly, often difficult to live in world, I am constantly on the lookout for stories of women who have found instances of the opposite.

Especially on the eve of an election where we have people voting for a candidate who thinks its ok to, “Grab women’s pussies,” and force himself on us at will, I am looking extra hard to spread some positivity and girl power. I am searching for stories of beauty, and/or moments where the unexpected happened. Stories of empowerment, or even simple moments of joy.

I often feel like all we get to see from the media, politicians, and even our own friends and families are stories of fear, negativity, and hate. I want to create something different. I personally find it comforting and incredibly inspiring to hear about women doing awesome things, and I want to build a space for people to share their stories.

While this page may not be helpful in the practical travel guide sort of way, I think it is incredibly helpful in the less tangible way. I have already had a few friends reach out to me from my first blog post: My First Solo Travel Adventure: A Study On Bravery,  saying things like, “Wow! I loved reading that! You have made me feel more confident traveling on my own in February.”

Or, “ I have never traveled alone, but I loved hearing about your journey. I found it really inspiring.”

That made me so happy! Who doesn’t need a little extra inspiration in their lives? I can certainly use some more people telling me, “You can do it girl. Go out and do whatever the hell you want to do. Don’t let fear stop you!”

So this is a page built specifically for that. A place to collect these little nuggets of excitement and empowerment. A pocket of gems that we can dig into when we need a little extra encouragement, or simply a good read.

While this is a page about women, it is not meant to be exclusively for women. My gentlemen friends should not feel excluded. On the contrary, I hope you too get inspired by this collection of incredible ladies.

What am I looking for?

I am interested in stories of beauty, positivity, and warmth, but also in the stories of struggle and growth. Because let’s face it, life isn’t always just rainbows and cotton candy. Often it is the puddles of cow shit we have to struggle through to get to the cotton candy, that make the sugar worth it. I personally always make my biggest evolutions after moments of difficulty, (but maybe that’s just because I am a scorpio, we are known for needing some dark to balance the light). But I digress, I am so excited about starting this page of the blog, because I can’t wait to hear people’s stories!

Also I’m loving learning things about people that I didn’t know before. The people in our lives are so multifaceted, and often we never learn about all the layers. It is extremely fun for me to learn about the parts of people we don’t see everyday. Katie Woodward for example, is an incredible artist and solo female traveler, and I had no idea! She is my first contributor to this page, and you can read her story HERE.

Here is a tiny excerpt from her story to get you excited about reading the whole thing:

We got to talking and he ended up showing me a better view of the bridge, and I sat for a half hour and sketched while being serenaded. I doubt that would have happened if I had a companion!”

Watercolor òRocky Crook Bridge

Rocky Creek Bridge, By Katie Woodward

Anyone who wants to contribute to this page please send me an email, and I will respond with all the necessary information.

Thanks in advance for sharing ladies. Let’s spread some beauty and insight in this crazy, crazy world!


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